Dishcrawl is Coming to Cape Coral

What could be better than a night out with friends at your favorite restaurant? How about dining out with your friends at four of your favorite restaurants!

Dishcrawl welcomes you to explore Cape Coral’s dynamic downtown area on Wednesday, August 28st. Food lovers will eat at 4 different restaurants for one amazing culinary night.


Sample delicious dishes from Cape Coral's best chefs.

Sample delicious dishes from Cape Coral’s best chefs.


Foodies, visitors, and locals who love their community are invited to come together for one exciting evening of dining ecstasy. Dishcrawl takes food lovers on a gourmet journey to four distinctive Cape Coral restaurants in one night. It’s like a pub crawl—but more delicious!


Bring your friends... and taste what's happening in downtown Cape Coral.

Bring your friends… and taste what’s happening in downtown Cape Coral.

Dishcrawl, is a national start-up, founded on the premise that communities can be brought together through good food and good company. Foodies are already enjoying the Dishcrawl dining experiences in San Francisco, New York, Montreal, Ottawa, San Jose, Toronto, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C.

Dishcrawl is expanding into downtown Cape Coral this August with a mission to give Southwest Floridians a reason to get out and socialize while helping give local restaurants the exposure they deserve. The delicious food isn’t a bad incentive either!

Together we can help the Cape Coral Redevelopment Agency bring Downtown Cape Coral and the Southwest Florida community together with some exhilarating food experiences!

Cape Coral's best foods and drinks will be on display for Southwest Florida Foodies.

Cape Coral’s best foods and drinks will be on display for Southwest Florida Foodies.

Participating restaurants are kept secret until two days before the event, at which time the first location is revealed to ticket holders. Feel free to follow Dishcrawl on Facebook and Twitter for hints!

Tickets for the August 28st Dishcrawl can be purchased here.

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