SWFL Parents: What You Need to Know About Solar Eclipse Safety

As exciting as the solar eclipse may be, there are some safety concerns. here is everything that SWFL parents need to know about the solar eclipse on Monday, August 21st. 

Solar Eclipse Info & Safety

The first total solar eclipse since 1918 will be able to be viewed in Southwest Florida on August 21st between the hours of approximately 1 pm and 4 pm, depending on where you are in the area.

Protecting kids’ eyes is the most important safety concern.  It is possible to buy ISO certified solar eclipse glasses on Amazon, however, it’s not recommended to let kids younger than 7 wear them. It may be a better idea to watch a live streaming video with young kids instead.

School Safety

Since school is in session, schools are preparing for how to handle P.E., recess, class changes, and release. Find out how your county is handling it:

Collier County Schools

Lee County Schools

Sarasota County Schools

Charlotte County Schools

Call your school for more information if your kids attend a private school. 

Activities for Younger or Homeschooled Kids

Not all kids will be in school. If you are lucky enough to have your kids home during the eclipse, consider finding something fun for them to do in the area.

Here are some ideas:

Kid friendly solar eclipse activities in SWFL



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