Discovering Key West’s Natural Beauty With Fury Key West Water Adventures


Fury Key West

The Cruzan Cat, our vessel for the afternoon.

When people think about taking a trip to the Florida Keys they usually think of going out to bars and restaurants or enjoying the street performers and artist on Mallory Square during the sunset celebration. But few people get to see the natural side of Key West.  Key West and the Florida Keys in general are not only rich in history and culture but also are a gorgeous natural paradise and one of the best ways to see the natural beauty of the Keys is aboard one of the many Fury Key West vessels that offer a wide array of water adventures. Excursions are available for every taste from snorkeling, parasailing and sea kayaking to Sunset Cruises and  Reef Eco-Tours aboard the Fury Glass Bottom Boat. Private Charters are also available.

Fury Key West

Damian showing us how to snorkel.

We chose the Island Adventure and Sunset combo which would take us out in the water for the whole afternoon: first a snorkeling trip to the reef, then some time for relaxing on a remote sandbar and finally watching the Key West sunset.  It was the perfect date for us with just the right combination of adventure, relaxation and romance!

Fury Key West

Enjoying the gorgeous day out at sea.

The afternoon was gorgeous, the turquoise water surrounding us from every angle as we sped towards the reefs.  I even got a chance to work on my tan. 😉

Fury Key West learning how to snorkel

Ready to dive in at the reefs.

As soon as we got to the reefs everyone put on their snoingkle gear. It had been about 20 years since I had last snorkeled and I was a bit nervous but with Damian’s encouragement and direction’s I got over it quickly and jumped right into the water.  Once in the water, looking at the gorgeous coral I completely lost track of time. The water was crystal clear and the reef was filled with colorful sea creatures from impressive schools of blue-striped grunts to toothy green moray eels.

Fury Key West view of lighthouse

View of the Sand Key Lighthouse from out boat.

After snorkeling we headed off to the sandbar.  The boat docked  off the shores of a beautiful, secluded and desserted mangrove island. This was a real tropical paradise, white sand beaches reached out to the warm blue waters of the the Gulf while the rest of the island seemed engulfed in bright green vegetation.

Fury Key West mangrove island

A deserted mangrove island near the sandbar.

We boarded the sea kayaks and rowed towards the island.  This was my first time on a sea kayak and the experience was really unforgettable.  Sea kayaking is very different from rowing in the river or canal.

As we paddled towards island I really felt close to the sea and to nature.  While paddled, gliding along the surface of the water close the mangrove shoreline we could see fish swimming alongside in the clear water.  An Osprey scanned the surface looking for lunch and as the late afternoon sun painted patterns on the water a group of pelicans flew above us.

Fury Key West

First time on a sea kayak.

Our tour guide Damien took us to the mangroves and explained how the these mangrove islands had formed.  I loved how passionate he was about the Keys and it’s natural wonders and you could really feel his enthusiasm and love for nature as talked about the unique ecosystems and animals that can only be found in mangrove forests.

We then took the kayaks to the sandbar where we rested, enjoyed some beers that Damian had brought with him from the boat and spotted crabs, conchs and star fish.

Fury Key West sea kayaking

Sea kayaks paddling back to the boat after relaxing at the sand bar.

Whether we where snorkeling in the reefs surrounded by schools of colorful fish, on the sandbar enjoying some beers and listening to Damien talk about the different critters we encountered or kayaking towards the deserted mangrove island it was clear to me that safety was always the main concern which made for a very relaxed trip.

Fury Key West sunset

Fury Key West sunset seen from the water.

As we came back we enjoyed a privileged view of the Key West sunset from the water. The harbor was filled with sailboats and we could see everyone on Mallory Square during the evening sunset celebration. It was all very romantic and the perfect ending to a perfect day out in the water.

We where in Key West for almost a week and our on the water adventure with Fury Key West was a truly unforgettable experience.  We had so much fun and it was the perfect way to bond as a couple doing things we both enjoy, sharing an adventure together and taking all the natural beauty that Key West has to offer.

Fury Key West

As we where headed back we passed the Commotion of The Ocean (another one of Fury Key West’s options). What an awesome way to celebrate the gorgeous Key West sunsets: on the water sipping margaritas or drinking beer while enjoying music from a live band!

Visit the Fury Adventures website to learn more about all the excursions they have available and follow them on twitter @FuryKeyWest to stay up to date with their latest news and specials.

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  1. I just saw your other post. Wow! Looks like so much fun! I’m definitely completely jealous!

  2. WOW that looks like an amazing place to be – I have to agree with Lexie I am really jealous as well! x

  3. BEAUTIFUL!!! We still havent been to the keys yet and only live about 5 hours away (I think). This makes me want to go this weekend 🙂

  4. A reef eco-tour would be right up my alley–and no I do not get sea sick so just cruising around would be lovely as well (as long as I could still see land that is-thus be able to swim to it if need be!)

  5. Yes, that is the life!!!!!!
    So blessed to live so close to my Florida Keys!
    …. Although I had never been on fury boats before
    What a great day
    Thanks for sharing

  6. i’m definitely visiting key west soon

    • Maria on 1 October, 2013 at 7:50 pm
    • Reply

    What a blast you had!! We went snorkeling in Destin Florida and loved it!

  7. I’m so jealous! I would love to go there!

    • Amy S. on 1 October, 2013 at 8:41 pm
    • Reply

    What a beautiful place! I want to go, no actually I am trying to plan a trip to Key West in the next year. Thanks for sharing!

  8. The ocean water is so blue. I am sure, there are a lot of beautiful sea creatures living in there.

  9. Oh my, this looks like so much fun. I’d like to try that someday.

  10. Oh love the water! I really miss the beach!

    • Charlie on 8 January, 2015 at 11:48 pm
    • Reply

    The Commotion Of The Ocean looks like an overloaded boat of refugees!

  11. Such a beautiful paradise! I can feel the fun and excitement of your water activities. Pretty sure you and your buddies enjoyed it so much. Perfect for everyone who are looking for outdoor trips in the ocean.

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